Things To Think About Before A Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are a versatile way to add space and value to your home, but converting a loft can be a complicated and expensive process.  Make sure you know these five key things before you start work, to ensure your conversion is as stress-free as possible. The type of loft conversion you choose will make a big difference to the price. The cheapest type is a simple conversion that uses the current space in your loft without building out from the roof.  At the other end of the scale, the most expensive is a Mansard conversion, which runs the whole length of the house and will change your roof to make it almost vertical. Companies like can help.

  1. If your home’s loft is more useful to you as living space than storage, converting it is the obvious thing to do. A loft conversion should make your home more valuable and sellable, and if you can fit a bathroom or shower room up there, as well as a bedroom and built-in storage, you have the perfect master or guest suite.
  2. Loft conversions cost from around £20,000, but are often a lot more, depending on the size, spec and type of conversion. The cheapest and easiest loft conversions are ones with only skylights, as the line of the roof is unchanged. However, this isn’t ideal if the loft has limited space and head height.
  3. Building out the roof to create more useable space inside will give you a much more satisfactory conversion. As long as there are no planning restrictions, building a full-width dormer window across the roof at the back and changing the side of the roof so it’s ‘straight’ (viewed from the front or back) instead of sloping (this isn’t possible with mid-terraced houses) will maximise the space internally.
  4. For a loft to be suitable for conversion, the main space should be at least 2.3m high – generally, the steeper the pitch of the roof, the better it will be for conversion. Standing up in the loft and walking around (if safe to do so) will give you an idea of how much useable space there is. If there isn’t enough head height, even by building out the roof, you may be able to lower the ceilings in the rooms below, but this will be expensive and disruptive and isn’t practical if they’re already quite low. Another option may be to rebuild the roof to make it higher, which is also a big, expensive job.
  5. You’ll need space for a staircase up to the loft on the floor below and if this means losing a bedroom, you may not be much better off by converting the loft. Spiral staircases can be a good space-saving solution, as can narrow (and straight) ‘space-saver’ staircases, although they aren’t necessarily practical for everyday use and are unlikely to comply with building regulations.

How To Get Rid Of Damp

If you use bleach to clean damp and mould on a wall, it will CREATE MORE DAMP because the water in the bleach will be sucked into the wall, giving the damp the water it needs to start growing again. Rent or buy a Dehumidifier. This is a short term solution for getting rid of the moisture and damp in the air, inside the house. Once again, it should only be used when you have had work done to stop the cause of the ingress. I’m sorry to tell you that if your home has been suffering from the kind of things we are talking about here then it’s likely that your carpets, bedding and soft furnishings have inherited a horrid smell.

There are various cleaning companies who can at least try and rescue beds and sofas etc., but in many cases, the damp eats away at the fibres in the fabric and its often best to throw it all away and buy new. You will never get the smell out so don’t waste your time and effort, and of course do this AFTER you have had the damp problem addressed. Mould growing in bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens and utility rooms is a very common occurrence of the nasty stuff, often because showering, or during clothes etc, produces moisture, after all that’s what happens when you dry a wet towel, the radiator will make the water in the towel evaporate into the air  but sometimes that water settles on a cold wall and that’s when the mould appears. To prevent this happening on your home, spray the walls with a dedicated antimicrobial treatment and then seal the grouting lines around the tiles with two coats of grout sealer, available from B and Q.

If you take the tips above, and the advice on getting a damp proofing company like in to fix the issue, you should not have any further problems with damp. If your home suffers from damp and mould, I have to be honest with you, THERE IS NO CHEAP, QUICK FIX to the problem. If the damp mould or wet patches on the walls are higher than 5 feet, or even wet walls upstairs, this indicates that the outside walls have lost their weatherproofing qualities and are now letting water into the wall, which is coming into the house and causing problems. A quick examination of the walls outside will often show cracks or hollow rendering with flaking paint or even green mould or mildew, indicating there is a problem with the walls of the house and that is why you have wetness inside.

If you cannot see the damp or diffused moisture, then it is best to investigate by looking behind furniture, at the back or wardrobes, and anywhere the walls inside feel damp or wet, or maybe where the paintwork inside is flaking away or becoming powdery.

How to check quality glass

There are a lot of glasses that you can choose from to help you with certain things. That is why if you want to make sure that you choose the glass with the best quality then it would be best that you allow the following to help you. This way you wouldn’t easily choose any kind of glass but rather have an eye only for the best glass in the store. Here are even the ways for you to choose quality glass.

There are no scratches in the surface
If you are about to check for quality glass then one way to do it is for you to check if there are no scratches. Scratches would imply that the work wasn’t done professionally and it can be a problem since you are paying good money for it. That is why you have to make sure that you check for any scratches because if there are then have it changed.
The edges are safe to touch
Another way for you to check on a quality glass is for you to check if the edges are smootheded out so that you wouldn’t get your hand hurt because of it. If it doesn’t smoothen out or if there isn’t any protective covering then it isn’t a quality glass because all you will get from it is pain in your hands. That is why make sure that you check the edges.
There aren’t any bubbles in the glass
Keep your eyes open for this one because you have to make sure that you check that there aren’t any bubbles in the glass. Bubbles would mean that the melting process of the glass wasn’t done and since you are paying good money for it then better make sure that you choose the one with no bubbles.
You can clearly see the other side
This is very important when you are about to choose quality glass and that is for you to check if the glass is clear enough for you to see the other side. If it isn’t clear enough then clearly it would mean that the glass needs more time to be formed. So if you notice unclear glass then have it changed for your own sake.
Smooth to touch
Just like checking for any scratches another way for you to check for quality glass is for you to touch the surface because this will help you know if the melting process was done perfectly. If you feel a little roughness in the surface then change it because the quality of the glass isn’t good.

Now you know how to check for quality glass so if ever you are in a store then you can save time and energy from looking around. According to even to with excellent quality glass then you would have fewer problems to worry about because it is in good quality. Also, can suggest that if you truly want the best then it would be best that you go to the quality kind because it will give you value for money.

Why own a heating and air conditioning?

There are a lot of things you would want for your home so that things can be more comfortable for you to live in. The heating and air conditioning are also one of those items that you would need to have to make your living more comfortable and if you think that you don’t need one then think again because here are good reasons why you should have one.

For its functions and usefulness
If you think having the heating and air conditioning wouldn’t be necessary, then you should think again because this fine machinery is very useful due to its function. You see this machine can allow the temperature of a certain room to change from hot to cold or cold to hot within a press of a button. It is because of this machinery that the air conditioning and fanning industry have evolved into something more technologically advance especially since it gets cold during the winter days and hot during the summer days.
It’s a great help during the season
If the winter season is coming or the summer season is coming, then better plug in the heating and air conditioning to your power source in the house because you can finally feel warm during the winter days without any fire wood and you wouldn’t need any ice during the summer days because all you would need is the heating and air conditioning to help you get through such a season.
Lessens any health problem
When it comes to the cold season then the chances of you getting sick is high that is why so that you wouldn’t get sick then it would be best that you keep yourself warm and the heating and air conditioning can help you with that matter. Also, though it is the summer season that doesn’t mean that your health is safe because you can collapse from heat stroke that is why to prevent such a thing the heating and air conditioning can help you cool your body. This way there will lessen chances for you to have any health problem.
Comfortable to move around
Because of the heating and air conditioning, you can move around your house more comfortably. Remember that it can heat up or cool the entire house if you want it to and at least this way you wouldn’t have to feel the coldness or the hotness from the outside thanks to the heating and air conditioning.

Now you know why you should have the heating and air conditioning because it is very much needed and it wouldn’t matter if your home country is tropical or not because either way, you can change the function to your liking. Per even to, it can make any house comfortable to live in because you wouldn’t have to worry about the temperature outside. Also, can even say that with this you would have less to deal with during the hot and cold season that is why you much have it. So if you want to make sure that you are alright no matter what season it is then can say that you should have the heating and air conditioning.

What are the Common Roofing Mistakes You Should be Aware of

The reason why it is a must that you hire a professional roofing contractor from is because you don’t want to commit the mistakes that will be listed below. At the same time, you also want to be extra wary of the roofing contractor that you hire, especially when they are not licensed or they lack the experience to ensure that they are credible enough to finish a roofing project.

Mismatched shingles. One of the things that you should be wary of about shingles is when your roof makes use of asphalt roofing since they are created in batches. There are roofers that do not use the same dealer, which can make you end up with shingles that are mismatched when they are applied to the roof. This is especially true when they buy asphalt shingles from multiple suppliers. In order to avoid this mistake, you should hire a roofing contractor that consistently use the services from the very same supplier of roofing supplies.

Shingle layers. This is one of the reasons why licensed roofing contractors are necessary because they adhere to the building codes established by the state you are living in. One of these codes is tearing off the old layer when installing a new set of the asphalt roof. Even if the municipality or region you are living in allows the new layer installed without removing the old roof, it is still recommended, in fact, a must, that you should remove the old shingles before you install the new ones. This will provide your roofing contractor the opportunity to check out the roof deck if they can find any fragile areas. Also, the additional layers come with its own weight; when it becomes too heavy it can harm the roof structure and walls of your home.

Incorrect installation. All roofing manufacturer must adhere to specific regulations on how the roofs should be installed. Items, like a number of nails, must be in each shingle, can make the manufacturer stand on their warranty in the event when the roof tails earlier than the lifespan guaranteed in the contract.

Ignoring the attic. The roof is a system that is composed of various components. The ventilation in the attic must be done properly and is a necessity. When there is no proper ventilation in the attic, it can ruin the new shingles that have just been installed sooner than expected. Not only that – the insulation can also get ruined. Don’t get too surprised if you find your energy bills suddenly too high.

Skimping on roofing permit. In most situations, a permit is a must when you install your home a new roof. The homeowner is responsible if they fail to acquire a permit. Expect penalties or ramifications in the event that you forgot like the new roof gets forcibly removed, pay fines or the insurance company refuses to insure your roof.

With all these warnings that you must heed, always keep them in mind in order to have a hassle-free roof replacement project.

Go Green- Go for Eco Glass

In this generation, we all should cooperate when it comes to saving our planets for so many damages we have caused to nature. Do you know that glass and beverage bottles are the major causes of water and soil pollution in so many ways? People, who care would do so much recycling of them just to minimize the waste? This company is one of the many who contributes a lot to nature in the name of business, visit

The company offers Eco Glass products and with that, you will be able to avail a nice renovated home with smart and sleek design without the guilt of adding to nature’s damage but instead contributing to the solution to save it from getting worse.

Given that these glass bottles are totally recyclable in so many infinite ways without compromising the quality, output, and of course the purity if the glass. Did you know that glass companies like  had saved too much of wastes for just manufacturing recycled or Eco Glass. With every 6 tons of glass recycled, is equivalent to a single ton of carbon dioxide reduced from the atmosphere

Amazingly, the recycled glass may be fun when it comes to colors and shape choices. The reason why modern architecture has begun to embrace it with the main purpose of enhancing the aesthetic beauty of any concrete establishments and not just that, in bonus, this also adds the strength and durability of the concrete.  Another amazing effect is found with the thermal insulation enhancement an Eco Glass could provide knowing that this glass aggregates better properties with the thermal conditions.

To top it all off, there is a total success when it comes to nature saving contribution of recycled glass, in fields of environmental, social advantage, and of course with the economic benefits. In the making of new products from all these recycled glasses instead of using raw materials that are nonrenewable, results to the minimization of drilling oils from the soil so to reduce the acid rain and its effect and minimizing the effect of global warming. So be one of the many people who are socially and environmentally responsible simply by purchasing and using recycled glass, or eco glass as they call it.

So to support this kind of campaign, there levied a new deposit system that would require the consumers to take back the bottles after consuming so it will be used to more and more recycled glass manufactured by the company who will buy them. There are many ways that you can be a part of the environment problem’s solution, through choosing this eco glass would give you a lot of chances to live in an environment with care and provide the better future environment for the next generations of your family. So, for more information visit  for you to enjoy a home filled with beautiful glasses without the guilt for mother nature.

Get the Quality Heating and Cooling System for Your Home

You deserve the comfort of controlling the climate within your house with the help of a heater and air conditioning. When it comes to these products it is only a must that superior quality is observed. One should not settle with a not-so-good heating or cooling facility because of the reason that it is cheaper or the business is near in your residence. You will not be able to say that you have saved a certain amount when these products start to malfunction and you will have to pay for repair every now and then. Surely you will think in the end that it is better if you choose the good quality even if it is a little expensive. You should be able to think of the benefits along the way. The amazing news is that you can also have the good quality of heating and cooling products and services if you will make time to find these particular companies, like visiting the site at where you can say that excellent stuff comes at an affordable price.

If you want to enjoy great comfort and a relaxing surrounding for a long period of time, you should always go with the high-class products. One can compare the difference of the performance of a quality heater or air conditioner and the average type. You deserve the best but you should also help yourself. Be smart enough and look for ways to address your heating and cooling needs as comprehensive as possible. There are a lot of businesses offering these kinds of products and services. At first, they may all look the same but if you compare them thoroughly, you will be able to identify which one is the most suited for you. The internet is the easiest way to do this. Choose the site like Kent Aircon that truly cares for their clients and want nothing but customer satisfaction.

Nobody else will benefit from these quality services and products but you. You should be able to think of this while it is early to avoid being in a stressful situation. You do not want these heaters and coolers that are supposed to bring comfort to you, give you a headache instead. So trust only the service providers that are tested by time and has a great number of satisfied customers. Choose also the company with competitive staff that can efficiently and effectively meet your needs. Being price-conscious is not a bad thing as long as the quality is not compromised. Quality service and products sometimes come at a cheap price, but this is rare, that is why you should have the right strategy

As a conclusion, quality should always be the main priority. This is the mark of a smart consumer and the trait of a professional service provider. A company that keeps the clients well-satisfied by superior quality products and services will also be satisfied with the positive impact of it in the business.

Qualities of Good Home Carers

Being a home carer is not an easy task. When one decides to choose home caring as his/her career, he/she should have the attributes to do the task well. What are the qualities of good home carers? Here are some of these:

Patient – a home carer should be patient to the person he/she extend services to, especially if that person is unreasonable and annoying. The value of patient will really be tested in this career because if you decide to do things against them, the home carer will always be the loser. Being patient will help you to do the job well.

Understanding – for the home carers to be patient first they should understand the situation of the person, surely there are reasons why they manifest some negative attitudes. We just have to see through them. Rather than choosing not to give them our best services, on the contrary, carers should double their efforts to let these people know that they are well taken care of and understood. Home carers from BAC care the UK with a site at have these kinds of service providers.

Loving – of course, everyone will want a loving home carer. This can help the patient to be more positive in life. This will also help them to trust in their selves more and enjoy life to the fullest. A loving home carer will not just be treated by the patient as a companion in the daily tasks at home but also as a friend. The home carer will treat his/her patient as a family and will do the best to let the patient feel loved.

Caring – as the world implies “home carer” if you are not a caring person you should not think of choosing that career. Being caring means also caring for yourself because you cannot give what you do not have. BAC care the UK cares for their patients.

Well-skilled and professional – these home caring companies and agencies should hire carers that are licensed, or if not, has shown impressive performance in their employment before. This will help them in making sure that they will provide quality services to their patients.

In general, all these qualities should be present for a home carer to be a good one. The agencies and private companies should have a thorough and strict recruitment process for them to hire quality home carers. This is also very important as it affects their business reputation. Also, owner of these home caring companies should not only treat these services as some kind of business but rather as the opportunity to help other people. The elderly really need the care and support these home carers offer.

When planning to avail home care services, one should be vigilant and make sure that the qualities mentioned above are possessed by the prospect home carer. He/she should not just pick a home carer without proper interview and analysis. You do not want our loved ones to be in trouble with them. You only want the good things for them, so check out

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to matters pertaining to your home, you have always tried your best to do the job by yourself. DIY has taught you a lot of things that you can get done by yourself while at the same time, it has made it possible for you to save a lot of money in the process. Still, there are those instances when there may be a need for you to call on the professionals. With carpet cleaning especially where stains and a lot of dirt are concerned, it is always best that you will decide to seek out the services of the experts.

While a number of these providers can be found around, you need to be sure that the professional cleaning company that you can find at will be the right people for the job. It is very important that you will select people that are going to be capable and reliable to get the job done. Below are some of the reasons why it will be better for you to secure the services of those that are experts in the field.

It saves time

While it may be possible for you to get that the stain off of the carpeting on your own, it is likely going to take you a long time. The reason for this is because you will have limited tools and resources at your disposal. Unlike the professionals that will have all the equipment that they need to get the cleaning job done right, you will only have limited tools to use yourself. Add to that the fact that you may not have the luxury of time to do the job, then it is better that you call the experts in and let them do the work for you.

They can do the job in a much simpler manner

If you are going to have to do the work yourself, you will find that there may be a need for you to have to employ a lot of procedures and processes before you can actually start seeing some positive results. There will likely be a lot of work that may be involved to do the work too. For instance, you will have to move fixtures and furniture away from the stained area and then you will have to put them all back together once the cleaning is done. Life would be so much easier if you can just pay the professionals to do all the work for you.

You won’t have to deal with smells and odors

If the carpet has not been cleaned for a long time, chances are you will have to deal with some unpleasant smells and odors when you are cleaning it. With limited resources to use, this can be a tough task to do. With the experts though, they have all the tools of the trade that will ensure that not only will the carpeting be properly cleaned up, they will see to it that no residue smell is going to be left as well.  This is why it really is more practical to allow the experts to assist you.

How to Spot a Good Shopfitting Company

One of the many things that will make a retail shop successful is when it is properly fitted to make it an ideal place for shoppers to come in and buy. This is a job that should be done by the professionals though. This is because a well-fitted shop needs to meet certain elements that experts in the field are very much well aware of how to achieve. So, before you decide to secure the services of professional shopfitters at, know what it is exactly that you are looking for first.

You need providers that will meet your needs. This means that you have to look for professionals who will make it easy for you to work with them. They understand how important it is that they will take your needs and preferences into account. They understand too that while they should play a proactive role in guiding you in the decision that you have to make, it is critical for them to have the means to get your preferences and your ideas into fruition.

They need to be experienced. The best thing about providers that have been in the industry for a long time is that they can successfully apply their trade secrets into ensuring that what you are getting is service that has been tried and has been tested before. Thanks to their exposure in the field, you are sure that the solutions that they will brand to the table are ones that have been tried and tested to be quite useful before.

They know where to procure the items that are needed for the fitting too. You will need shelves and other fixtures that are going to be used as display fixtures for your merchandise and your products. The best providers will know where to get them. They will know which manufacturers or sellers can get you exactly the fixtures that to you need at figures that will be well within the budget that you are willing to spend.

The quality of the fixtures that they will install will be something that they will sure as well. They understand that the accessories that will be added to the setting can only be useful based on their overall quality. This is why the right shopfitters pay close attention not only the design of these fixtures but of the specific materials that they are made from as well.

Aesthetics is also another concern that they will take into account. These providers understand that how pleasing these fixtures are to the eyes can affect their overall appeal to the public. This is why they also make it a point to come up with shopfitting solutions that will actually improve how the whole place looks.

They ensure that your budget is taken not consideration too. They understand that there may be limitations to what you can afford to spend. This is why they take the time to look into all the choices possible for you so s to get the most value off of the money that you have set for the shopfitting.